The Gemini is a

 two piece awning that

has half of the front section

Attached to each side

 section thus allowing each

Part to be drawn widely

Apart like a pair of stage

curtains to create a huge

entrance to accommodate  things like mobility scooters etc.Then the front sections can be overlapped to seal the front up. we have a few 350 ready made sets in Blue still remaining with the elasticated rear height fitting from 230-265cm   And the front height is 198 cm the Protrusion =225cm-230cm (Any other size or colour please order a made to measure set)

 Made from a light mesh material weighing less than 1.5 kilo (around 3lbs)

Each Gemini come Supplied with  2 Spring loaded poles, tent pegs, and bags for material and poles.

Easy to see through material offers your shade protection from insects and reduces winds to a fine breeze

 A front opening that you can seal up & no open corners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the difference between the Gemini and your standard


A, The Gemini comes in two parts with half the front attached to

 each side instead of a separate front.

Q What’s the advantages of the Gemini over the standard windblockers?

A The Gemini enables you to have nearly the whole front opened up to

create a large doorway instead of sliding the end shades up the poles.

Q What the disadvantages of the Gemini?

A, You don’t have the option to just have the front panel up on its own.

Q Does this mean that I have to have the whole thing up?

A No you can use just one half of it if you like to give you a cosy corner.

Q. Is there a gap in the middle where the two halves meet?

A No there is a gap of around 25cm between the left & right fronts so the left hand front panel has an extra flap piece (75cm wide) that overlaps the right hand front panel and seals the front.

Q Do you produce the Gemini with membranes?

A  No sorry.

Q How exactly do I attach the whole thing?

A If you have an Omnistor/Thule  Awning and you channel is

open at both ends you can attach the side pieces to the poles first

 leaving the front part loose then thread each front into the groove

and using the supplied joining elastic bungee to pull them together

If you have a Fiamma Awning with a left hand end stop you

simply slide the left front in first then put the side piece

on the pole and fit it into place.

Q Which is the best?

A That’s a matter of personnel choice.

Q How long does it take to erect a Gemini Set?

A Around the same time as it does to erect our standard ones.

Q Do you sell made to measure Geminis

A Yes use the drop down menu below on the right hand side to check the prices of a made to measure Gemini obviously they are more expensive to produce than the off the shelf models as they are made individually and not mass produced..

Q What is the advantage of the made to measure one as compared to the mass produced one?

A In order to accommodate different heights at the van side The mass produced one has an elasticated side which can parachute in a strong wind whereas the made to measue one fits the side better as its made to the exact height ALSO if your front height is not 200 an “off the shelf one wont fit.



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Including a pair of spring loaded poles

Made to Mesure GEMIN’S including

A pair of spring loaded poles.

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