Fast Erecting


Sometimes when you have your canopy out and no protection on the front or sides its easy to get caught out by a sudden downpour.  You then need something that you can put up in seconds and keeps you dry like an umbrella.

The videos below show how easy it is to put up and take down a side wall rain blocker.

The front rain blockers simply slide into the groove on your awning.

Rain blockers also act as a great shield for your barbeque or cadac. ( At a sensible distance)

The side walls are priced at £49 each if you need a spring loaded pole to hang them from we put them in at half price only £10         Side sizes 250 at the rear. 198 at the front.

Front rain blockers are available in 2 sizes (wider on request)

 225 wide @ £29 & 300 wide @ £39 both 198 tall

p&p on all orders are £10 without a pole & £15 with a pole.

A free travel bag is included with or without a pole.

Fronts & sides with poles

Fronts & sides without poles

Fronts Only

This product is only available in Blue

Putting a Rain Blocker up 2mins

Taking a Rain Blocker down 1+ mins