Clip on Draught skirts & Wheel Arches

We regret we are only able to offer made to measure skirts

For customers who purchase full sets as they are unprofitable

& we only offer them as a service and supply them at cost.

Our  Windblocker Draught Skirts have been produced primarily to accompany our famous

Windblocker Shades.

Many of our customers have told us that whilst our shades do the job perfectly on three sides of the awning sometimes

if the wind is in a certain direction it can come under the van and become uncomfortable.

However they didn’t want to drill or attach rails to their van to slide a skirt in, they just wanted something simple

 and light that was easily taken off & on and packed away small but does the job as well as our shades and

 not leave a trace when they want to sell when they sell their van.

So we set about inventing the missing link.

Our  skirts simply click onto your van with self adhesive press studs these studs are used on the hulls of boats so a cover can be attached when they are lifted out of the water. So the adhesive has super strength and is not affected by water.

The adhesive never sets so when you want to remove them simply flick the plate off with a flat knife then roll the glue

 pad up like chewing gum.


There are adjustable securing points on each of the seams at the base so you angle the base out, in an L shape so if you place your vehicle on blocks you can then use the lower ones.

Lower panels to accommodate doors & steps are integrated into our skirts .

Wheel arches are created using a stand alone panel that sits behind your skirt.

Our Classy Looking Studs Blend in on Any Van. Being made of high density polypropylene they will last for years.

And if you are not fond of the white colour go to the model shop buy a mini tin of model paint to suit your van,Should you have  a set of windblockers with Membranes you may choose if you wish have the skirt out of the same membrane  material.


We offer 5 different sizes

Up to 350 cm £49 including up to 5 studs Up to 450 cm £59 including up to 6  studs

Up to 550 cm £69 including up to 7 studs, Up to 650 cm £79 including up to 8 studs, Up to 750 cm £89 including up to 9 studs

The prices include all post & packing to the UK mainland.

As we don’t know where you exactly want us to place your studs and cut downs for any steps or doorway, the easiest way

without a lot of measuring hassle is to buy one of our kits.

These kits contain  3 things, the first being a stamped addressed

envelope for you to return the other two back to us, the second is a long piece of  tape for you to hold against your van and mark with an x where you want each stud placing and indicate with a line each side of the door or step.

The third is a simple form for your name and address and choice of colour, and the only measurement we need from you and that is how far from the top of the skirt do you want us to cut down for your step/door if you are having a cut down. not the distance from the ground as this alters when you use blocks.

They really are simple to use once you have completed your form and marked your tape you return them back to us in the

pre-paid stamped envelope.  we then make your customised skirt and post it to you, it really is that simple.

Full instructions are enclosed in each kit.

Wheel Arches.

Our standard wheel arches are made in two sizes. Single Axle aprox 87x 87cms price £15 + £5 p&p. Free p&p if purchased with a skirt.      Double Axle aprox 178 x 87 cms £25 + £5 p&p.  Free p&p if purchased with a Skirt.

  Larger wheel arches and skirts made to order.